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2015-2016 UNC basketball

The Results (33-7) (click each game for an analysis)

Tar Heels 91, Temple 67 Tar Heels 80, Clemson 69
Tar Heels 92, Fairfield 65 Tar Heels 86, Georgia Tech 78
Tar Heels 78, Wofford 58 Tar Heels 106, Florida State 90
Northern Iowa 71, Tar Heels 67 Tar Heels 84, Syracuse 73
Tar Heels 80, Northwestern 69 Tar Heels 67, NC State 55
Tar Heels 80, Kansas State 70 Tar Heels 83, Wake Forest 68
Tar Heels 89, Maryland 81 Tar Heels 75, Virginia Tech 70
Tar Heels 98, Davidson 65 Tar Heels 89, Boston College 62
Texas 84, Tar Heels 82 Louisville 71, Tar Heels 65
Tar Heels 96, Tulane 72 Notre Dame 80, Tar Heels 76
Tar Heels 96, UCLA 63 Tar Heels 68, Boston College 65
Tar Heels 94, Appalachian St. 70 Tar Heels 85, Pittsburgh 64
Tar Heels 96, UNC-Greensboro 63 Duke 74, Tar Heels 73
  Tar Heels 96, Miami 71
  Virginia 79, Tar Heels 74
  Tar Heels 75, Syracuse 70
  Tar Heels 76, Duke 72
  Tar Heels 88, Pittsburgh 71
  Tar Heels 78, Notre Dame 47
  Tar Heels 61, Virginia 57
  Tar Heels 83, Florida Gulf Coast 67
  Tar Heels 85, Providence 66
  Tar Heels 101, Indiana 86
  Tar Heels 88, Notre Dame 74
  Tar Heels 83, Syracuse 66
  Villanova 77, Tar Heels 74

Dramatic finish ends 2016 season in heartbreak

In what will go down as one of the most dramatic endings to an NCAA National Championship game, two three pointers in the last five seconds decided it. After UNC’s Marcus Paige tied the score on a three with 4.7 seconds left, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit a long three at the buzzer to give Villanova a 77-74 victory and the NCAA title. (04/04)

Unable to get inside, North Carolina still led 39-34 at the half after hitting seven threes. In the second half, Carolina went cold. On two different occasions, the Tar Heels went almost four minutes without scoring. After shooting over 50 percent in the first half, the Heels managed just 34 percent in the second half.

Meanwhile, Villanova, who shot 58 percent in the second half, went on a 19-7 run to take a five-point lead and increased the margin to 10 at 67-57 with 5:29 to go.

During a timeout, and down 10, UNC coach Roy Williams made the team a promise.

“I promised them if they did what I told them to do, we’d have a chance to win at the end,” Williams said with his voice cracking. “I just wish I could have done a little bit more.”

The Tar Heels did indeed come back and had a chance. Two free throws by Joel Berry, who scored 20 points, and a dunk by Brice Johnson cut the deficit to 67-61 with 4:11 left. A Berry three-point shot with 3:46 left cut the margin to three at 67-64.

Villanova’s Phil Booth, who scored a career-high 20 points off the bench, stopped the run with a big fade-away jumper in the lane to make it 69-64 with 3:09 left.

Down 70-64, UNC scored five straight on a three by Paige and a short jumper by Brice Johnson to cut the lead to 70-69 with 1:10 left. Nova’s Booth hit a couple of free throws after a controversial foul on UNC’s Isaiah Hicks that drew “ahs” and “boos” from the crowd when they watched the replay in the NRG Stadium.

Paige wouldn’t give up as he missed a driving layup, got the rebound and hit a reverse layup with 24 seconds left to once again draw the Heels to within a point at 72-71.

Villanova melted the clock until Johnson could foul Josh Hart but Hart hit both free throws to make it 74-71 with 14 seconds left.

That’s when Paige made perhaps the most remarkable shot of the season for Carolina when he double clutched in mid air and shot a three as his body was coming back down to earth. It went in with 4.7 seconds left to tie it at 74-all.

After a Villanova timeout, the Tar Heels set up a press so that the Wildcats would have to take it the length of the court. That’s just what happened as Ryan Arcidiacono dribbled up court, flipped it to Jenkins who shot the ball from the right side of the top of the key with less than a second to play. UNC’s Hicks was converging on him but couldn’t get there in time.

“When we were down 10, we believed we were going to win,” Paige said. “Kris (Jenkins) is their best three-point shooter. He got a pretty a clean look for whatever reason.”

The reason is that Hicks and Berry, covering Acridiacono, got into each other a bit and Hicks didn’t get out quick enough to bother the shot. “I think every shot’s going in, and this one was no different,” Jenkins said.

UNC’s Berry said, “I was just hoping it was still in his hand when the buzzer went off. It was tough feeling that confetti fall and it’s not for you.”

Paige felt that if they could have defended the shot, the Tar Heels were going to win in overtime. “I told the team that we’ve got 4.7 seconds to play defense and this game is ours because no matter what, we were going to win in overtime,” he said. “That’s just how the game was going to go because we had clawed back from down 10.”

He said nobody understands how much the Tar Heels wanted that game. With tears in his eyes, barely able to get the words out, Paige added, “At some point tonight I’m going to take this this jersey off and never be able to put it back on.”

Williams said he doesn’t think he’s ever coached a player tougher than Paige, who had a game-high 21 points. In the locker room, Williams told the team that he couldn’t take away their hurt but that he loves them. “And I wished I could have helped them more,” he said.

North Carolina outrebounded Villanova 36-23 but Villanova’s defense put the Wildcats in a position to win the game at the end. They contested every shot and every pass, and collapsed on the inside men when they got the ball.

Johnson, who was averaging more than 20 points a game in the tournament, finished with just 14 points and Kennedy Meeks, who had a resurgence in the tournament, finished with just four points while hitting just one of eight shots.

Jackson, who hit three three-pointers in the first half, failed to score in the second half and missed two free throws as the Tar Heels were trying to start their comeback.

Another key turning point came at the end of the first half. Following a Jackson three that put UNC up 39-32, the Heels came up with a turnover and were going in for a layup with seconds left. But Jackson, who thought he was fouled, missed. Nova got it up court quickly and Phil Booth got open in a lane for a jumper with a second left. So, the game went from UNC being up by a game-high nine to the margin being just five at the break.

In the end the Tar Heels lost by three and gave up five points in less than two seconds – two at the end of the first half and three at the end of the game.

“That coach out there that’s cuttin’ down those nets is really proud of his team,” a teary Williams said. “But I wouldn’t trade my team for anybody’s.”

North Carolina, winners of the ACC regular season and the ACC Tournament, ends its season at 33-7.

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