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Some articles featuring Clifton Barnes:
Former Editor Wins National Award
Barnes Wins Two National Awards
Barnes Wins Advocacy Writing Award
RM Natives Honored For Web Site
Sixth Volume Of E-Bar Begins
UNC Journalism Alumni Briefs
Kudos To Barnes For Grand Award
NC Bar Centennial Experience
Barnes Wins How-To Award
E-Bar Features Duke Law Web Site
Lawyers Present A Strong Case

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Work Examples

Writing Samples

* Robert Borden, Delegate Advisors
* The Bell Tower through the years
* Money talk: Greener grass
* A new stone age
* E! Reporter Gorse chased her dreams
* Historic Briggs Building still serving Raleigh
* Speech honoring UNC coach Roy Williams
* Former Redskins band director dies
* Disaster preparation a top priority for ABA

* Bars support rule of law in Pakistan
* Tar Heels Put Pressure On Themselves
* Law libraries not obsolete
* Preserving attorney-client privilege
* Least Understood Branch ABA Project
* Tort reform momentum slowed not stopped
* Big headache: Business law remains complex
* NC Press Assn. Convention news releases
* A day in the life of a feline veterinarian
* 2005 NCPA Ad Conference
* GATS rules gaining more attention
* New book on NC barbecue news release
* ABA Kennedy Commission recommends...
* Harriet Miers' columns help reveal views
* Attorneys concerned about bankruptcy...
* Perception takes more than a makeover
* Bars address judicial independence issues...
* More creativity leads to better writing
* Fax Facts: What you need to know
* Providing what reporters want
* States consider medical malpractice caps
* Coordinating communications efforts
* GATS scratches its way onto radar
* Attorney, wife adopt Guatemalans
* Bars resist sales tax on legal services
* Disaster plan helps nightclub fire response

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