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About CB3

About CB3
Clifton Barnes III offers communications services through CB3media. Barnes, who has experience in various forms of communications, is the primary provider; however, he has a team of vendors, in which he has confidence, who can provide you with full-service communications at a good value.

Barnes, who has served as a newspaper writer and editor and as an association director of communications, has experience as a member of the media and as someone working with the media. He has spoken at many workshops on the topics of media relations and writing.

CB3media merges the best of traditional media with today's new media. Barnes has journalism and political science degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Webmaster Certification from N.C. State University. He has developed, designed, written, edited, overseen and maintained several Web sites. In addition, he has edited books, written for national and statewide magazines, started and produced hardcopy and online newsletters, developed publicity and advertising campaigns, planned entire communications programs and coordinated communications training and events.

CB3 uses WordPress, Dreamweaver, html, xhtml, asp, javascript, Flash, CSS, Access, Photoshop, Fireworks, Excel, Powerpoint, PageMaker and more.

Barnes, born in Greenville, NC and raised in Rocky Mount, NC, believes it's not so important to know everything but to know how to find out anything. While an expert in the field, he believes that not only can his clients learn from him but he can learn from his clients. In general, when it comes to writing, Barnes believes in active voice, crisp sentences and creative, yet not stilted, writing. When it comes to Web sites and dealing with the public/media, Barnes believes in keeping it straightforward and simple. Barnes lives in Cary, NC with his wife and son.

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